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We have to keep pushing. When I look at where I was in my life two years ago from today. I had a different lens I was looking out of. Lets just say that I was on the inside looking out. Having thoughts of what my goals were and when I would get a second chance on life. Having everything taken away from you in the blink of an eye can mess with a persons mind. Not having a chance to say goodbye, see you later, or to turn off your television. All you have in those moments are thoughts of how it came to this point and how long will it take to get back to normalcy. No light at the end of tunnel, an uphill battle, A fall from grace. How would you look at it? Whats your glass looking like now, Half full or half empty? When the light is dim how do you react? It's easy to say what your thoughts may be but to actually be in the situation is different so before you answer ponder for 20 minutes.

Being able to Push through obstacles in our path build strength. Being able to handle what seems like a lot to bare, depending on how you look at the situation. We all face our fears differently, some run, and others face them head on. It's all about our mind set and how we react when things turn from good to bad. When things aren't going how we planned them, do you give up or do you push through?

If you loose you job tomorrow, do you give up and have a pity party or do you go back to the drawing board and push through. We all experience some type of failure in our lives at some point. It's a mental game, It's chess not checkers.

You have to continue to push through. When you have an idea and people try to talk you out of your idea, you have to push through, Especially when it comes to money. The people that talk you out of your idea sometimes don't intentionally do it. People tend to look at all the reasons why it work instead of only looking at the reason of how it's going to work. If you're not 100% ready to dive in on your idea then don't speak on it. I bet there are millions of people that get talked out of brilliant ideas daily and don't recognize it. That's because we value peoples opinion so much that sometimes we forget that it's just that... an opinion.

Keep pushing through, we can do whatever we put our minds too. It won't be easy at times but that builds who we are and instills in our mind that we'll fight before we give up.

Being on the outside now, looking up at the sky is how I see it, infinite possibilities, is my mind set.


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