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How do you see? Do you plan ahead, are you one of those people that sit back and watch other people achieve their goals? How do you look at your future and not get overwhelmed by obstacles and negative thoughts that pop into our mind? I Look at infinite possibilities as one looks through a telescope. Your lens focus has to be clear, that's the mental aspect of it. When you zoom in on objects that appear to far to see, are the obstacles. When you breath deep, steady the telescope and focus your eyes to pin point the distant objects, suddenly, your vision becomes more clear. That's how I look at Infinite possibilities. It's easy for me to see things clearly after siting on the sideline for so long. When I think about all the possibilities and opportunities I have in front of me, anything is possible. There's not enough time in a day, My mind is constantly working, my body constantly moving, my antennas always up and my eyes stay open. Shout out to those out there pursuing goals and dreams, You have to believe in your goals when no one else does.

"you have to eat the dream

"you have to sleep the dream

you have to dream the dream

you have to see it when nobody else sees it

you have to feel it when it's not tangible

you have to believe it when you cannot see it

you gotta be possessed with the dream."

Eric Thomas

Salute to everyone that took a chance and dove head first into what they believe is their calling.#INFINITEPOSSIBILITIES

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